Publications at Hypertext

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  1. Aiqi Jiang, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Cross-lingual Capsule Network for Hate Speech Detection in Social Media [pdf] [+]
    Hypertext. 2021.
  2. Peiling Yi, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Weakly Supervised Cross-platform Teenager Detection with Adversarial BERT [pdf] [+]
    Hypertext. 2021.
  3. 2012

  4. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Damiano Spina, Enrique Amigó, Julio Gonzalo.
    Towards Real-Time Summarization of Scheduled Events from Twitter Streams [pdf] [+]
    Hypertext. 2012.
  5. 2011

  6. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Christian Koerner, Markus Strohmaier.
    Tags vs Shelves: From Social Tagging to Social Classification [pdf] [+]
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