Publications with Wenjie Yin

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  1. Wenjie Yin, Vibhor Agarwal, Aiqi Jiang, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Nishanth Sastry.
    AnnoBERT: Effectively Representing Multiple Annotators' Label Choices to Improve Hate Speech Detection [pdf] [+]
    ICWSM. 2023.
  2. 2022

  3. Wenjie Yin, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Hidden behind the obvious: misleading keywords and implicitly abusive language on social media [pdf] [+]
    Online Social Networks and Media. 2022.
  4. 2021

  5. Wenjie Yin, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Towards generalisable hate speech detection: a review on obstacles and solutions [pdf] [+]
    PeerJ Computer Science. 2021.