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WISC at MediaEval 2017: Multimedia Satellite Task

Nataliya Tkachenko, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Rob Procter

MediaEval. 2017.

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This working note describes the work of the WISC team on the Multimedia Satellite Task at MediaEval 2017. We describe the runs that our team submitted to both the DIRSM and FDSI subtasks, as well as our evaluations on the development set. Our results demonstrate high accuracy in the detection of flooded areas from user-generated content in social media. In the first subtask consisting of disaster image retrieval from social media, we found that tags defined by users to describe the images are very helpful for achieving high accuracy classification. In the second subtask consisting of detecting flood in satellite images, we found that social media can increase the precision in analyses when combined with satellite images by taking advantage of spatial and temporal overlaps between data sources