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PHEME D2.4: Qualitative Analysis of Rumours, Sources, and Diffusers Across Media and Languages

Arkaitz Zubiaga, Peter Tolmie, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter

PHEME FP7 deliverable. 2015.

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This deliverable describes the work conducted in Work Package 2 for the study of conversations around rumours in social media. It describes our efforts towards developing an annotation scheme for analysing each of the messages that participate in rumourous conversations, and we put it into practice by creating a large-scale corpus of annotated tweets in English and German, including links to other media. This report also summarises our qualitative analysis of conversations around different types of rumours, looking at the diffusion across different media and languages. A sample of the corpus produced in this process is released along with this deliverable, which will be extended with the release of the whole corpus in December 2015.