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Overview of the M-WePNaD Task: Multilingual Web Person Name Disambuation at IberEval 2017

Soto Montalvo, Raquel Martínez, Víctor Fresno, Agustín D. Delgado, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Richard Berendsen

IberEval. 2017.

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Multilingual Web Person Name Disambiguation is a new shared task proposed for the first time at the IberEval 2017 evaluation campaign. For a set of web search results associated with a person name, the task deals with the grouping of the results based on the particular individual they refer to. Different from previous work dealing with monolingual search results, this task has further considered the challenge posed by search results written in different languages. This task allows to evaluate the performance of participating systems in a multilingual scenario. This overview summarizes a total of 18 runs received from four participating teams. We present the datasets utilized and the methodology defined for the task and the evaluation, along with an analysis of the results and the submitted systems.