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Exploiting Geolocation, User and Temporal Information for Monitoring Natural Hazards on Twitter

Víctor Fresno, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Heng Ji, Raquel Martínez

Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural. 2015.

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During emergency situation events it is important to acquire as much information about the event as possible, and social media sites like Twitter offer important real-time user contributed data. Typical Information Filtering techniques are keyword-based approaches or focused on co-occurrence with keywords. However, these approaches can miss relevant local information if messages do not contain an initially considered event-related keyword. Considering geolocation, user and temporal information within a pseudo-relevance feedback approach we can find event-related terminology but not co-occurring with initially considered keywords. Thus, taking into account the temporal aspect we can modify a query expansion function like Kullback-Leibler divergence in order to improve the Information Filtering process. Our proposed approaches have been evaluated in two Twitter datasets associated with real-world events, obtaining encouraging results.