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Combining Large Language Models and Crowdsourcing for Hybrid Human-AI Misinformation Detection

Xia Zeng, David La Barbera, Kevin Roitero, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Stefano Mizzaro

SIGIR. 2024.

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Research on misinformation detection has primarily focused either on furthering Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automated detection or on studying humans' ability to deliver an effective crowdsourced solution. Each of these directions however shows different benefits. This motivates our work to study hybrid human-AI approaches jointly leveraging the potential of large language models and crowdsourcing, which is understudied to date. We propose novel combination strategies Model First, Worker First, and Meta Vote, which we evaluate along with baseline methods such as mean, median, hard- and soft-voting. Using 120 statements from the PolitiFact dataset, and a combination of state-of-the-art AI models and crowdsourced assessments, we evaluate the effectiveness of these combination strategies. Results suggest that the effectiveness varies with scales granularity, and that combining AI and human judgments enhances truthfulness assessments? effectiveness and robustness.