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  1. Lev Konstantinovskiy, Oliver Price, Mevan Babakar, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Towards Automated Factchecking: Developing an Annotation Schema and Benchmark for Consistent Automated Claim Detection
    FEVER. 2018. [+]
  2. Ahmet Aker, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Kalina Bontcheva, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter.
    2nd International Workshop on Rumours and Deception in Social Media: Preface [pdf]
    RDSM. 2018. [+]
  3. 2017

  4. Nataliya Tkachenko, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Rob Procter.
    WISC at MediaEval 2017: Multimedia Satellite Task [pdf]
    MediaEval. 2017. [+]
  5. Soto Montalvo, Raquel Martínez, Víctor Fresno, Agustín D. Delgado, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Richard Berendsen.
    Overview of the M-WePNaD Task: Multilingual Web Person Name Disambuation at IberEval 2017 [pdf]
    IberEval. 2017. [+]
  6. Leon Derczynski, Kalina Bontcheva, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter, Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    SemEval-2017 Task 8: RumourEval: Determining rumour veracity and support for rumours [pdf]
    SemEval. 2017. [+]
  7. 2016

  8. Bo Wang, Maria Liakata, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Rob Procter, Eric Jensen.
    SMILE: Twitter Emotion Classification using Domain Adaptation [pdf]
    Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology. 2016. [+]
  9. 2015

  10. Iñaki Alegria, Nora Aranberri, Cristina España-Bonet, Pablo Gamallo, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Eva Martínez Garcia, Iñaki San Vicente, Antonio Toral, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Overview of TweetMT: A Shared Task on Machine Translation of Tweets at SEPLN 2015 [pdf]
    TweetMT. 2015. [+]
  11. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Brian Mac Namee.
    Knowing What You Don’t Know: Choosing the Right Chart to Show Data Distributions to Non-Expert Users [pdf]
    WebSci workshop on Data Literacy. 2015. [+]
  12. Richard Townsend, Adam Tsakalidis, Yiwei Zhou, Bo Wang, Maria Liakata, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Alexandra Cristea, Rob Procter.
    WarwickDCS: From phrase-based to target-specific sentiment recognition [pdf]
    SemEval. 2015. [+]
  13. Bo Wang, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter.
    Making the Most of Tweet-Inherent Features for Social Spam Detection on Twitter [pdf]
    WWW Workshop on Making Sense of Microposts. 2015. [+]
  14. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter, Kalina Bontcheva, Peter Tolmie.
    Towards Detecting Rumours in Social Media [pdf]
    AI4Cities Workshop. 2015. [+]
  15. 2014

  16. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Iñaki San Vicente, Pablo Gamallo, José Ramom Pichel, Iñaki Alegria, Nora Aranberri, Aitzol Ezeiza, Víctor Fresno.
    Overview of TweetLID: Tweet Language Identification at SEPLN 2014 [pdf]
    Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural. 2014. [+]
  17. Iñaki Alegria, Unai Cabezon, Unai Fernandez de Betoño, Gorka Labaka, Aingeru Mayor, Kepa Sarasola, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Wikipedia and Machine Translation: killing two birds with one stone [pdf]
    LREC Workshop on Free and Open-Source Language Resources for the Machine Translation of Less-Resourced Languages. 2014. [+]
  18. 2013

  19. Iñaki Alegria, Nora Aranberri, Víctor Fresno, Pablo Gamallo, Lluis Padró, Iñaki San Vicente, Jordi Turmo, Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Introducción a la tarea compartida Tweet-Norm 2013: Normalización léxica de tuits en español [pdf]
    Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural. 2013. [+]
  20. Arkaitz Zubiaga.
    Newspaper Editors vs the Crowd: On the Appropriateness of Front Page News Selection [pdf]
    SNOW, WWW Workshop on Social News on the Web. 2013. [+]
  21. 2012


    2010 and earlier

  22. Arkaitz Zubiaga, Víctor Fresno, Raquel Martínez.
    Is Unlabeled Data Suitable for Multiclass SVM-based Web Page Classification? [pdf]
    NAACL-HLT Workshop on Semi-supervised Learning for NLP. 2009. [+]
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